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WHY USE HEATSHIELD:                             HeatShield                      

Does this product really keep
a vehicle cooler?  Absolutely. 
We've measured a temperature
difference of
as much as
40° F
(25 C.), but you will feel
average temperature
in your car of about
25° F.
  • Fits right!
We're serious about accuracy. 
Our computer-
driven cutting
are capable of
producing exact HeatShields
for virtually every car,
and van.
  • No fasteners.
HeatShield is designed to be supported with the car's sunvisors
alone.  No Velcro, no suction cups, or anything else!
  • Easy to use.

Unroll across dash, lift HeatShield and drop sunvisors.  For storage,
roll up and secure with special Velcro strap.

HeatShield install instructions:

  • Unroll HeatShield across dash.
  • Lift HeatShield against glass.
  • Lower sunvisors for support.

HeatShield is stiff enough to be supported by the sunvisors alone,
but it is flexible enough to be bent around the rearview mirror.

HeatShield are simple to use, but just as easy to store!

  • Lift sunvisors and pull HeatShield down.
  • Roll up from end to end.
  • Wrap the attached Velcro strap around the roll.

HeatShield is light and flexible, so storage is quick and easy. But
it also has a memory to be flat, so it quickly unrolls out flat for each use.


Installation Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

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