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In order for us to give you an accurate quote on your particular paint protection kit, please do
the following:

1. Click on the Kit Search button above. In the drop down menu select the Make, Model & Year
    of your vehicle ... which will produce your exact kit image.

2. Please print a copy of the kit image (only print page1 on your printer selection).

3. If you can not print, write down the numbers that coincide with the particular kit option that
    you are interested in or the piece description, if the numbers are not listed. You will need
    this information when you fill
out the Free Quote form so we can provide you with an
    accurate quote.

4. When you are finished choosing your kit options, you can then select the Free Quote form
    provided below or the Price quote navigation link at the top of
our site. Then select the
    subcategories: Automotive / DIY Paint Protection Kits.
You then can complete the quote

We used to have this process automated with our shopping cart, like some of the other paint
protection sites you may have visited. Due to the complexity of the kits,
pattern changes and
future updates, we have found the quote form method to be
the most accurate way to take
care of our customers. Once our Customer Service Experts have received your Paint
Protection Kit inquiry information, we will notify you by e-mail or phone on which Kit Pattern
options you will be able to purchase in our sites automated shopping cart.

We also provide you with access to the most informative - Installation Instructions,
Installation Videos and Professional Tools & Supplies needed for a successful installation
process. All of our DIY AutoPaintShield¨ Kits are Computer-Cut for your
exact vehicle
specifications. We only use the finest quality Llumar Paint
Protection Films, which has the
best clarity of any brand on the market. You are about ready to make an extremely smart
investment for
the future value of your vehicle. The fact is that the #1 priority for a potential
car buyer is the vehicles paint condition. Well, you will be in luck. 5-6 years or more
down the line, your vehicle's paint that has been protected with AutoPaintShield¨,
will be

We have been providing our customers with the finest quality materials, craftsmanship &
service in our industry since 1988. Due to the large buying power
that we have established
with our suppliers, you will be pleasantly surprised by
our competitive pricing when even
compared to the lower quality film kits that some
of the others offer. Best of all, we will be
there to provide you with customer
support if you need us.

Good luck with your AutoPaintShield¨ -  DIY Paint Protection Kit and our team will do
whatever it takes to make your buying experience a great one!



Below is a new style Kit image example where there are numbers that coincide
with the kit options. The older style is black & white and only the part names are
listed with the option images. We will continue to update the Kit images in the