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Paint Protection Film

With automobile prices skyrocketing, can you afford not to protect your
investment? AutoPaintShield¨ protection film, provides an invisible barrier
that lets your vehicles beautiful paint shine through!


Most individuals are holding onto their vehicles longer because of obvious
depreciation and the extremely high prices of the new vehicles on the market.
If you are financing your vehicle with little or no money down, it takes
approximtely 3 1/2 years before your vehicle is worth more than you owe.
It may take several more months based on your vehicle type or more
importantly, how you take care of it.

Resale value is based on 1) Body, 2) Interior, & 3) Paint condition.

1. Obviously the key to protecting the body of your vehicle is not to park in
tight spots and avoid accidents.

2. Your interior can totally be protected from harmful ultra-violet rays by
applying a good quality Auto Film which will reject 99% of the suns harmful
UV rays. Auto film will also keep your vehicle 50-60% cooler to allow your
vehicles air-conditioner to work more efficiently, which will improve fuel

3. Now there is a solution for the damage that can occur to your vehicleÕs
paint on the hood, fenders, mirrors & bumper areas. No matter how well
you maintain your vehicle, you can not prevent road debris or stones from
damaging your front end paint. If you live in the southern region of the
states, you have to deal with love-bugs, which can ruin your paint within
days, if not washed off. LetÕs face it, most do not have the time to wash
our vehicles every day ... during love-bug season, so we give up and hope
for limited damage. Usually we are left very disappointed with the outcome
after just a couple of years.


By applying AutoPaintShield protection film, you can protect the beauty of
your vehicle and protect the value of your investment. When you go to sell
your vehicle at a later date, you will easily recoop this investment. A potential
buyer will assume that you were religious about the care of your vehicle ...
even if you were not!

At Florida Custom Tinting, our professional installers do not rush through the
installation process. We take pride in providing our customers with the finest
worksmanship in the industry. The Protection Paint Kits are Computer-Cut  in
our store to insure an exact fit for your vehicle make & model. We also use
only the finest materials manufactured by LLumar¨, which are second to
none as far as clarity & durability. DonÕt settle for any other brand, you will
be disappointed.


Paint Protection Kits range in price from $250 - $699 depending on the kit
coverage and installation difficulty. All installations are done
by appointment
only and 4-8 hours is needed for installation.

Check out the GRAVEL-O-METER demo below:


For more information please call us at our Longwood location at
407-699-5152 or go to our Kit Search Page and follow the instructions to
view your vehicle's AutoPaintShield¨ Kit and then you can fill out our
free quote form to find out the price for your kit