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I had the Llumar brand film put on my wife's car about 6 years ago and it still looks great.  I just bought a new car for myself and wanted to try and tint it myself to save some money.  I did some research and was surprised to find a company that actually offered Llumar film in a do it yourself auto kit.  I ordered your kit for my car and received it very quickly. Since I was a beginner, I was glad that you offered a choice between the two back window styles.  I followed your instructions and videos and was very pleased with my installation results.  I even impressed my wife.  Thanks for delivering what was promised.  I will recommend your company to any of my friends who want to give it a try themselves.

Pete Thompson
Atlanta, GA  United States

When I originally decided to purchase a kit from your company, the low price replacement policy was a big factor in my final decision. Sure enough, I messed up on one of my roll-up windows, no fault of yours of course, I just rushed my install. It was nice to know that you would replace the piece so cheap. I ordered a replacement and received it extremely quick. This time the install went smoothly and my car looks great. Thanks for the excellent service and I will recommend your company to all my friends.

James Singleton
Buffalo, NY  United States

This kit fit beautiful! The installation instructions and videos really helped. I would recommend your company to everyone you likes to grab the bull by the horns and tint their vehicle themselves. Thanks

Brandon Welsh
Denver, CO  United States

I just wanted to thank your company for such a great product that you provide.  My husband just installed the third auto kit that we have purchased from you within the last three years.  This one came out even better than the last two.  I don't know if it's because my husband is getting better, or the fact that your new video and instructions are even better than before.  I hope potential customers read this, because I know that they would be as satisfied as we were.

Christine Bennington
Miami, FL  United States

What a great kit.  The fit was amazing.  What a great idea by offering two choices for my back window.  I'm not very good with my hands, so the horizontal strip pattern went in without a hitch.  It may not look quite as good as the one piece style, but I think it still looks great.  Thanks, I will recommend highly.

Todd Snyder
Macomb Township, MI  United States

Thanks guys for the awesome tint kits.  Me and a few guys in our mustang club installed them on our stangs and the fit was totally rad.  I'm sure that you'll get a few more orders.  Best kits around.

Brad Norman
Denver, CO United States

I bought a home kit for my condo and thought it was great how you labeled all the rooms for me.  That made my project go so much more smoothly.  You cut my window measurements on the nose, but I was upset that I messed up on a couple of windows.  Thanks for giving me a deal on the replacements, that really helped in my wallet.  Quite honestly, I don't know why anybody would pay retail, when they could very easily do it themselves.  After all, it's all flat glass.  Thanks for the great service.

Ken Mayer
Orlando, FL  United States