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1. Select your Vehicle Make
2. Select your Vehicle Model
3. Click on front of Vehicle to change the color
4. Click on back of vehicle to select previous colors
5. Click on the left green arrow to select the Llumar¨ Film brand
6. Click on the film type - example: ATR Charcoal
7. Click on film shades - example: 30, 20, 15, 5
8. Click "Reset Tint" to clear the shades and start again
    A. AT Charcoal (Dyed/3-Year Warranty)
    B. ATR Charcoal (Metalized-Color Stable/Lifetime Warranty
    C. ATR Stealth (Metalized/Lifetime Warranty
    D. ATX-Access (New Technology made specifically not to interfere with am radio reception,
        navigation or other electronics-Color Stable/Lifetime Warranty)

 *Please note that this is only a simulation, but it should give you a very good idea what your vehicle
will look like. ENJOY & when you finish, you can click on the films you are interested in